Town Cemetery

Kinnickinnic Cemetery Facts

July 21, 1863; 60 acres of land sold to Malone Township by Clinton and Henrietta Williams for $30.00.

Description of land described in rods and the Williams requested lots 78 and 79 in Block B with the 6 foot alley in between. We could ascertain the family lot size to be one rod by two rods or 16 ½ feet by 33 feet with 3 foot allowance for alleyway.

Earliest death stone is 1856-Alvin Musser. He was the youngest and only surviving child of General Peter Musser, an officer in the War of 1812.

There were six other deaths before cemetery was in existence.

First burial after cemetery was established: August 6, 1863, a 2 year old son of John and Hannah Hamilton.

According to a copy of deed, family lots sold for $3.00 in 1886.

March 14, 1912 an advertisement was put in the River Falls Journal for a basket social at the historical church to benefit the Cemetery Association.

Few burials after 1919 and cemetery was neglected. Burials have taken place in every decade.
August 10, 1979 by Court order the cemetery transferred to the Town of Kinnickinnic.

Cemetery re-fenced and sheep were put in it to graze on grass and brush.
May 30, 1991- a Cemetery Association was organized, Members were Gerald Larson, Steve Cudd, John Bradley, Candy Bettendorf, Barb Larrabee and Ester Weigel. At present date the association consists of; Candy Bettendorf, Barb Larabee, Dennis Caliva, Kent Larrabee, Brad Kinkaid and John Bettendorf.

July, 1991, Rededication of the cemetery, Melgard Monument donated the stone and Earthworks planted the garden around it. Renovation of planting around the stone was done by Gerald Larson family in 2006.

May 1997, Flag Pole dedication to the Veterans and Pioneers buried here.

In 2003 a white pine was hit by lightening, commissioned a carving of wooden angel statue placed on the stump.

The appearance of today’s cemetery is due largely to the efforts of Fred Kurtz and Jerry Larson. Past caretakers Jerry Larson, Don Walztoni and present R & D Lawncare.

Individual lots are for sale to Kinnickinnc residetns for $400.00 and all others will be $800.00, There will also be a marking fee of $50 which will go toward the purchase price.

For more information contact Barb and Kent Larrabee (715) 425-7483.